Sākums Transport in Liepaja Parking lots

Parking lots

Paid parking

There are in total 22 municipal paid parking lots in Liepaja, where 520 vehicles can be parked at one and the same time. They are maintained and serviced by “Liepājas autostāvvietas” Ltd.

The working hours of the paid parking is from 08.00-18.00 on business days and Saturdays. Outside the hours, on Sundays and Banking holidays the parking is free of charge.

Likewise, the parking lots are free of charge for disabled with special vehicles, operational transport while performing their service duties, as well as for drivers of electric vehicles.

Paid parking fees:

  • 20 minutes - 0,30 EUR (minimum fare);
  • 1 hour - 0,50 EUR;
  • Each following hour additional 0,50 EUR;
  • Step 0,05 EUR.

Payment can be done:

  • at parking meters;
  • to controller (if the parking meter is damaged);
  • via text message, using the parking application Mobilly;

! You can use parking free of charge for a period of time not exceeding 5 minutes.

Procedure for paying the fine

If the user of the parking lot has failed to pre-pay for the usage of the parking lot or has stayed longer than he/she has paid for, for which the Municipal Police has issued an administrative violation protocol for the vehicle, the fine shall be paid to the account of the Liepāja municipality administration.

Banking details for paying the fine
Beneficiary: Liepājas pilsētas pašvaldības administrācija
Registration No 90000063185
Bank: AS SEB Banka
Bank code: UNLALV2X
Account No LV60UNLA0010199999999
Purpose of the payment: indicate the number of the administrative violation protocol.

Free parking is available:

  • by the concert hall “Lielais dzintars", Juras iela 18
  • city centre, Rožu laukums 1/4 (up to 1 hour)
  • by the sea, at the end of Kūrmājas prospekts, by Kūrmājas prospekts 30
  • by Liepaja Theatre, Bāriņu iela 12
  • in Jaunliepaja, Annas market, Tirgus iela 22
  • by City Council, Kuršu iela 12
  • for buses - in the parking lot by the store “Drogas"

Free 30 minutes parking, taking a “zero ticket” from the parking meter and placing it visibly behind the wind-screen is available:

  • at Kuršu iela, in the area from Rožu iela to K.Ukstiņa iela
  • at Graudu iela, in the area from F.Brivzemnieka iela to K.Valdemāra iela
  • on both sides of F.Brivzemnieka iela, in the area from Pasta iela to the entrance to the parking lot by the store “Drogas”

The operation of SIA “Liepājas autostāvvietas” is regulated by the rules No 20 of Liepaja City Council “Binding regulations on the management and usage of Liepaja city municipal paid car parking facilities".