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Ticket control

To use a public transportation you have to buy a ticket (a ticket for a specific number of trips or a long-term ticket).

If you have bought your single-ride ticket in advance, when entering the vehicle you have to punch a hole in your ticket at the terminals available in the public transportation. If you buy your ticket from the driver of the vehicle, you do not need to punch a hole in it and it is valid only for this specific trip. If you have bought a long-term ticket, you do not need to perform any additional actions, it is valid for unlimited number of trips within the period of time specified on the ticket.

In the event you fail to buy a valid ticket or you do not punch a hole in it, a penalty is applied:

  • 10,00 EUR if you pay the penalty in cash on the spot in the public transport, getting a receipt for the payment in return;
  • 30,00 EUR if you are not ready to pay the penalty on the spot and the controller has to issue an invoice, which is payable within 30 days.

There are 10 ticket controllers in Liepaja public transportation working daily. When a controller enters the vehicle, he/ she notifies the passengers about the ticket control and asks to prepare documents showing your rights to use the public transportation (ticket, personal ID, disability card, pensioner’s card or a student’s certificate).