Sākums What do you need to know, when using the public transportation?

What do you need to know, when using the public transportation? 

In order to avoid some unpleasant surprises through ignorance it is important the city guests know the rules to be observed in the public transportation so that their trip is pleasant and successful.

In the public transportation you may carry free of charge:

  • Hand luggage, which complies with the Cabinet of Ministers regulations - the size does not exceed 60 x 40 x 20 cm (length, heights, width), as well as sports inventory, children prams/ strollers, crutches, wheelchair, covered skis, sledges, musical instruments, if this is technically possible with the type of transportation, except bicycles;
  • To carry luggage which does not hinder other passengers, but is not listed above, it is passenger's duty to punch a hole in additional ticket.

A passenger may not carry:

  • Inflammable, explosive, poisonous or pungent substances;
  • Firearms, sharp, uncovered objects;
  • Dirty or stinky objects or materials;
  • Animals, if their presence in the vehicle may hinder other passengers or cause any damage to the vehicle;
  • More than two dogs with leash;
  • Animals that suffer from infectious diseases or unvaccinated animals;
  • Bicycles, except children tricycles;
  • Other items that may cause any damage to other passengers, their luggage or the vehicle itself.

 Carrying animals:

  • In Liepaja public transportation animals are carried free of charge;
  • In the public transportation it is forbidden to carry animals, except dogs, cats, decorative birds, nestling of domestic or decorative birds, which have to be placed in a cage, box or other object suitable for carrying animals;
  • A passenger, who carries an animal shall take care that the animal in no way hinders other passengers nor causes any damage to the vehicle;
  • A dog may be carried in the public transportation, but must be kept in a short leash. The dog shall have a muzzle and a tag by the collar. A passenger carrying a dog shall have the dog’s vaccination certificate with him/her.

What to do if you have lost or found items on the public transportation?

  • If you have found any items on the public transportation, please pass them to the driver of the vehicle;
  • If you have lost your things on the public transportation, ask us via social networks Facebook and Twitter or e-mail us to transports@liepaja.lv 

Detailed information on boarding and getting on/off the public transportation, carriage of luggage, penalties etc., is summarized in the Terms and Conditions for the usage of Liepaja city public transportation.