Sākums Tickets


To take a public transportation in Liepaja, a passenger has to buy a ticket. In Liepaja there is a unified ticket, which is valid for trams, buses and buses with limited number of seats.

Types of tickets and their prices

Passengers may purchase a ticket for a specific number of trips, in which he/she has punch a hole (mark) upon entering the vehicle or a long- term ticket with a longer validity and unlimited number of trips.

Ticket offices

You can buy the tickets for Liepaja public transportation at more than 70 ticket offices in various city districts, as well as from the driver of the vehicle.

Ticket control

There are 10 ticket controllers in Liepaja public transportation working daily. When a controller enters the vehicle, he/ she notifies the passengers about the ticket control and asks to prepare documents showing your rights to use the public transportation (ticket, personal ID, disability card, pensioner’s card or a student’s certificate).